About Us

Why Siena?

Siena is an ancient Etruscan hill town in Tuscany, Italy. It is one of the country’s oldest and most visited cities. People go to Siena to marvel at the city’s beautiful and historic town square, roads, alleyways, architecture and cathedral. Siena is visited because people see beauty and value in what is old. At Siena Natural Resources, we also see beauty and value, but in old oilfields. Our name is an homage to our respect for some of the nations most historic and prolific oil fields – which we feel have been overlooked in the current environment. The “I” in our namesake Siena logo is meant to mirror the alternating black and white marble columns of the old city’s cathedral and the beauty and awe it inspires in those who visit it.

Our Focus

We are focused on acquiring, developing and re-developing conventional oil and gas reservoirs in the Central and Southern United States. We look for operated oil-weighted producing assets where we believe we can unlock significant upside potential, increase production and achieve better unit economics. We utilize a data-driven, analytical and methodical approach to maximize investor returns

Our Strategy

  • Maintain a disciplined and targeted approach to identify and acquire overlooked, producing conventional properties that fit our investment criteria in the Central and Southern United States.
  • Exploit existing properties with a focus on production optimization including workovers, recompletions and new development drilling
  • Utilize cutting edge petrophysical and subsurface models to identify upside in existing and new wellbores
  • Reduce unit costs through use of new technologies, infrastructure buildout, staff retention and training and pricing optimization
  • Maximize free cash flow and financial returns for our stakeholders